Curated list of my talks

Building Resilient Systems: SRE Best Practices and Insights

Observability Talks - Podcasts by VuNet Systems

In this episode of Observability talk, we look at Observability from the perspective of building resilient systems through site reliability engineering. We explore the origin of the position and move into understanding the best practices, the divergent nature of reliability across organizations, and the experience of being in the trenches of problem-solving.

Distributed Tracing with Open Telemetry - Unraveling the Microservice Complexities

SRE Summit Canada 2024

In this session, I will introduce the fundamental concepts of OpenTelemetry and its ecosystem, emphasizing its role in simplifying the observability of microservices. The focus will then shift to distributed tracing, a crucial capability of OpenTelemetry that enables developers to track and visualize the journey of requests across a microservices architecture.

Building a Chaos Platform for Virtual Machines with OpenSource Tools

Chaos Carnival 2024

Chaos Carnival is a global virtual event with 40+ sessions on the latest cloud-native Chaos Engineering. In Chaos Carnival 2024, I and my Flipkart colleague Rohini presented how we built a chaos platform for virtual machines using open-source tools.

CICD - The SRE-DevOps Overlay

Conf42 SRE 2023

At the SRE Conference, 2023 organized by Conf42 I and Garima Bajpai discussed SRE and DevOps overlap at CICD.

Site reliability engineering and DevOps practice boundaries merge and are often intertwined in most organizations. We are here to highlight one of the most critical aspects of this overlap - continuous integration and continuous delivery- and how it is a prerequisite for many core SRE practices

Chaos Engineering - Controlled chaos for reliability

Large Scale Production Engineering - India Meetup Jul 2021

The LSPE-IN is a quarterly meetup of SRE, DevOps, and Infrastructure enthusiasts. In the July 2021 edition of the meetup, I talked about Chaos Engineering foundations followed by a quick demo